PMP5040 Solar Pump with 640watt Solar Package

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This pump kit is suitable for bores up to 70mtr deep & will pump up to 10hrs per day in summer. Our kits are designed for DIY install with easy to follow instructions to save you time and money.

Kit includes

  • 450watt 48v Solar Pump
  • MPPT Solar Pump Controller
  • 40m High Quality Pump Cable
  • German Quality Bearings for longer life
  • 2 x 320watt A-grade Solar Panels
  • Solar Connection Cable
  • Low Well Sensor
  • User Manual


Up to 10hours pumping per day in summer

   0mtrs TD Head 2100ltrs per hour
10mtrs TD Head 2000ltrs per hour
20mtrs TD Head 1900ltrs per hour
30mtrs TD Head 1800ltrs per hour
40mtrs TD Head 1600ltrs per hour
50mtrs TD Head 1500ltrs per hour
60mtrs TD Head 1350ltrs per hour
70mtrs TD Head 1150ltrs per hour