PMP5040 - Pump and Cable Only

PMP5040 - Pump and Cable Only

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PMP5040 Pump features high quality bearings and drive shaft, heavy duty electrical components to ensure a long life.


     Pump Diameter 3 inch
    Outlet size              3/4"               
    Type Helical Rotor 
    Max Submersion                                  40mtrs

    12 month std,

    36 month with online registration


    Max Flow

     0mtrs TD Head 2100ltrs per hour
    10mtrs TD Head 2000ltrs per hour
    20mtrs TD Head 1900ltrs per hour
    30mtrs TD Head 1800ltrs per hour
    40mtrs TD Head 1600ltrs per hour
    50mtrs TD Head 1500ltrs per hour
    60mtrs TD Head 1350ltrs per hour
    70mtrs TD Head 1150ltrs per hour