Oyster Automatic Satellite System
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Oyster Automatic Satellite System

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In addition to popular features as found in the Oyster Digital, such as its high-performance 85cm dish, premium Acer Twin LNB, powerful Valeo motors and state of the art German design and engineering, the Oyster Vision 3 will introduce the following:



Totally Redesigned Skew

A fully encased powerful motor moves the LNB via worm drive for fast and accurate adjustment. This smart design makes it possible for LNB changes to be made in just five minutes.


Update via Integrated SD Card Reader

When a software update becomes necessary, the files can be downloaded from the Smartsat website, put on a SD card and the system updates itself within minutes.

The Oyster Vision 3 will locate the satellite for you and your pre-supplied satellite receivers/purchased VAST/other Free to Air box will do the rest. Oyster Vision 3 benefits in full:

  • Digital satellite search
  • Receiver-independent with user-friendly control unit and multiple languages
  • LEM (Last Elevation Memory) technology for reduced search times – antenna searches at the elevation angle of last reception
  • Operates in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start – and like a real oyster, contents are protected when the shell is closed
  • High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
  • 3 year warranty and reliable service
  • German design and engineering