Exploring  800 Offgrid RV System (Fully Installed)

Exploring 800 Offgrid RV System (Fully Installed)

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Our Exploring 800 system is an offgrid RV premium system which delivers power to all your DC loads


Your new system will consist of the following 

  • 2 x Shervey Premium Mono 200w Solar Panels
  • Victron Smart Lithium Battery 100ah
  • Victron Small BMS
  • Victron Smart Battery Protect
  • Victron Smartsolar 100/30 Regulator
  • Victron Battery Monitor Smartshunt 500a
  • Fusing/Cable Protection Kit

Fully installed to our Solar N Sat Gold Class Standard


 * All systems should be discussed with Solar N Sat team for advise regarding suitability for your individual requirements!