BlueSolar Pro Remote Panel

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The BlueSolar Pro Remote Panel is designed to be used in conjunction with the BlueSolar PWM-Pro charge controllers 12/24V 5, 10, 20, 30A.

Solar N Sat have a dedicated team of professional technicians with 13+ years in the industry!

Easy Connection:  to the BlueSolar PWM-Pro charge controller: The panel must be connected to the controller with a standard RJ45 UTP cable.

Warning LED:  The warning indicator LED flashes in case of failure of the connected charge controller.

Audible Alarm:  The audible failure alarm can be activated or deactivated.

Communication LED:  Indicates communication status when the display is connected with the charge controller.

Battery Icon:  The battery icon shows the state of charge of the battery.

    Day/Night Timing Options:  

    Self-Consumption (backlight and acoustic alarm on max.):  65mA
    Self-Consumption (backlight on max.):  23mA
    Self-Consumption (backlight off max.):  15mA
    Faceplate Dimensions:  98 × 98mm 
    Frame Dimensions:  114 × 114mm
    Connector Type:  RJ45
    Cable Length:  Max. 20 m
    Weight:  0.2Kg
    Ambient Temperature:  -20°C~+70°C / -4°F~158°Fvc