Battery Lithium Ultra Slimline 12v 110Ah

Battery Lithium Ultra Slimline 12v 110Ah

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The lightweight and slimline battery is constructed using the latest generation prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells and an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS). This slim-shaped battery is perfect for tight spaces in RVs, caravans and 4WDs, such as behind seats.

The Slimline battery provides up to 100A of continuous discharge or charge and can be stacked in parallel to increase amp hour storage capacity. Charge and discharge via the grey Anderson plug and charge from a DC source via the blue Anderson plug.

A strong aluminium enclosure delivers a safe, lightweight and powerful unit which is the perfect building block for next generation battery systems.

NOTE – There are no internal fuses inside the battery so an external fuse must be used for the grey Anderson connector, 100A maximum, to ensure never to exceed the BMS 100A continuous charge and discharge rating. The cable to the blue Anderson connector should be protected by an external fuse (at least 20A, rated for the cable size), as close as possible to the vehicle battery/alternator.