Solar Pumping FAQ's


Why choose a Shervey Solar Pump over the big name brands or the cheaper chinese products?
Our pumps go through rigorous testing and have proven themselves over many years, with this long term success you can be sure they will stand the test of time. Most pumps have a similar look at first glance, but its what is inside that counts, we have the highest quality bearings and shafts, we have higher quality pump cable which won't break down over time, and highest quality components in our controllers. If you would like a cheaper pump with these lower quality components let us know as we still have some old ones that we would be happy to offload (conditions apply).
How does hail affect the solar panels?
The solar panels are rated to endure a 1" (25mm) hail stone at 110kph. The tilted angle of the solar panels allow them to take a glancing blow rather than a direct hit. They have weathered many a hail storm and are very durable.
What do you mean by "Head"?
"Head" is the distance from the standing water lever (top of the water, not where the pump sits in the water) to the highest point you pump to.
Do I need batteries to operate a Shervey solar pump?
No, all our systems are designed to start when sufficient light hits the solar panels and stop as the sun decreases in the afternoon. Batteries can be added to some systems to allow longer pump times if required.
Can Shervey solar pumps be used in acidic water?
Our pumps (and most others) are designed for use in neutral ph level water. Higher and lower levels could cause corrosion of the pump motor and wet end. It pays to have your water tested by a professional or tested with a diy kit from somewhere such as a pool shop.
Can a Shervey solar pump be used to pump from a creek, dam or river?
Yes, we supply a dam float kit which can be used to float your pump, you will need to supply a rope and a weight (masonry block works for us).
Are Shervey solar pump parts readily available?
Yes, we carry most parts in stock in the case of any trouble.
Is Shervey Solar Pumps an Australian business?
Yes, we are Australian, employ Australians and pay our taxes here in Australia.
What warranty comes with your pump packages?
Our pumps come with a standard 24 month warranty.  All accessories come with a standard 12 month warranty.