Shervey Solar Pump 3 Year Warranty Registration

1. Shervey Solar Pumps have a one year from date of purchase warranty. This warranty is extended to three years from date of purchase with the completion of the online warranty registration form but must be within 30days of date of purchase.

2. Customers within Australia must ship faulty/failed items to Solar N Sat Pty Ltd at own expense. Shervey Solar Pumps will repair or replace at its sole discretion. Solar N Sat Pty Ltd will ship back to customer free of charge.

3. Rotor & Stators are not covered under warranty due to being a consumable part (wear is dependent on customers water conditions).

4. Pumps with corrosion are required to have a water sample supplied, water outside specified ph levels or with microbial bacteria may not be covered by warranty.

 5. Solar N Sat Pty Ltd are not responsible for any costs related being direct or indirect due to pump and/or component failure.